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26th State Amateur Cadet & 5th State Interclub Teawondo Championship 2024

Congratulations to Arush S Raghesh of 2A1 for winning the gold medal in the 26th State Amateur Cadet & 5th State Interclub Teawondo Championship 2024, held at YMCA Alappuzha from 12 to 14 July.

Checkmate Challenge 2024 Chess Tournament

Congratulations to Ishan S and Neellesh Manub of class 7A, and Aarush SS of class 2A1, for their participation in the Checkmate Challenge 2024 Chess Tournament organized by Masters Chess Academy at Mall of Travancore. They achieved the 2nd position in the Under 18 category, 1st position in the Under 12 category, and the Best Player Award in the Under 8 category, respectively.????

interschool fest at L├ęcole Chempaka

Congratulations to Team Loyola for their outstanding performance in the interschool fest at Lécole Chempaka Schools Silver Rocks??????


*Cre8 2024 Prize winners* 


*??Encore* (Musical event)-  *3rd Prize* ??

 Team Members:

1. Niranjan S XI-B1

2. Fida Rafi XI-A1

3. Saranga H XI-C1

4. Abhinand M Nair X-A

5. Ritu Maria Mikky XI-E1

6. Pranav P R XI-A

7. Ananth Jayakumar IX-A



  ?? *Fusion X (Theme Dance* )

 *-3rd Prize* ??


Team members:

1. Amanya A B XI-A1

2. Savithri S XI-C1

3. Jiya Maria Jerish XI F1

4. Nandana Swapna XI-C1

5. Adrinne Naysa John XI E1

6. Avni R Pillai XI-A1

7. Gowri G Nair XI-A1

8. Ann Mary Ciju XI E1

9. Aadhil Mathew XI-A1

10. Parvathy A Nair XI-E1



?? *Future Project- 3rd prize* ??


Team Members


1. Allen Joseph XI-B

2. Vimarsh Kannan XI-D1

3. Niya Jibu XI-D1

4. Aditya M XI-B


?? *View Point (Photography)* - *1st Prize* 

 1. Ram Mohan XII-A


 ?? *Le Gourmet* (cooking)-

 *1st prize* ??


1.. Maneesh Sakthivel XI-C1

2. Shannon John XI-D1

Hindi Sugama Examination

Kutty Singer competition

Congratulations to Abhiraj A of Class XI on securing the third prize in folk song in Kutty Singer competition organised by Padasala & Club FM.