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School Assemblies are occasions for the whole school to gather and share the happiness of being a part of the big family. So is the School Assembly at Loyola. It is not like any ordinary gathering because the assembly here comes up with its share of prestige as it is held in the imposing Indoor Stadium with its enviable seating capacity, majestic stage and ideal acoustic conditions that have already enthralled two former Presidents of India. The School Assembly takes place in two batches every week, for the junior students from UKG to class V on Tuesdays, and for classes VI to XII, on Thursdays. Its organizational responsibility and disciplined conduct are shared by the School leader who is assisted by the class leaders and the prefects. It is conducted in the most decorous fashion, beginning with the stirring School anthem and ending with the hallowed national anthem. What happens in between is the hallmark of the Assembly,

A series of speeches that are critiqued and ranked and very often supplemented by the Principal in his concluding speech. It is training and exposure of this sort that has enabled countless Loyolites to hone their oratorical skill and distinguish themselves in speech and debate competitions at national and international levels as well as remain second to none in articulation. The Special Assemblies go further still, providing a bigger platform to participants in other art forms like music, dance and dramatics. Assemblies are the occasion for publicly rewarding the students for their winning performances in academics as well as extracurricular activities, both intramural and extramural. In short the Assemblies help the students discover themselves and grow wings to fly and be recognized for their attainments.