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Started admitting students in CBSE


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Upgraded to Senior Secondary Level


Year Name of the Principal
2004-2006 Ms. Elizabeth Koshy
2006-2010 Mr. Thomaskutty M.T
2010-2016 Ms. Soni B. George
Ms. Brinda A. Nair
2021 onwards
Fr Roy Alex, SJ.

Loyola School (CBSE) is managed by the Kerala Jesuit Society with its headquarters at Calicut, registered under the Societies' Registration Act of 1860. It is a Catholic minority school that enjoys the protection of Article 30 of the Constitution of India. The administration of the school is overseen by the Manager assisted by the Principal.

Though Loyola School (CBSE) is a Catholic institution, admission and appointment are open to all communities. The school values the essential dignity of each individual and therefore puts all students on an equal footing, irrespective of their community, caste, creed, social status and financial position. An atmosphere of mutual respect and support, genuine care and warm friendship prevails in the Loyolite community of parents, pupils, educators and the alumni.

Most parents realize the importance of their role as co-educators. Therefore, they co-operate with the school and encourage, guide, support and inspire their children. The school helps the parents in this regard by providing them with periodic progress reports, diary remarks, circulars and deficiency reports, and also by promoting collective interaction in the PTA meetings and individual interface in the Open Houses.

The much-acclaimed school assembly, held once a week, has been providing the students with a unique opportunity to improve their oratorical, artistic and interactive skills.

Senior students are provided with opportunities to help and interact with the poor and the uncared-for. The feedback suggests that such outreach programmes are real eye-openers for them.

Also, the school encourages the alumni to inspire and assist their juniors in organising useful programmes. The Loyola Old Boys Association (LOBA) has been very active all these years. The periodic get-together of its members is a heartening proof of their zest and sense of belonging.

Elizabeth Koshy had been the First Principal of Loyola CBSE SECTION.
Mr Thomaskutty M.T. had been the Principal of the CBSE School from 2006 to 2010.
Fr. Toby Joseph SJ 21 who worked here 2000-2001 re-joined the school as the Vice-Principal of the CBSE section in May 2008 and continued in that capacity till December 2010. The first major task he accomplished was preparing the CBSE labs for the first batch of senior secondary students. Also, he served as the nodal officer for the visit of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to the school.
Mrs Soni B. George who assumed charge as the Principal of the CBSE wing in 2011 continued in that capacity till 2016. She was succeeded by Mrs Brinda A. Nair till 2021 Then Fr Roy Alex, SJ. taken the charge of Principal from 2021.