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Club Activities

Club activities are integral to the life of a student. They are not ritualistic extracurricular activities, but indispensable tools for the proper formation and all-round development of the students. These activities help them discover and develop their innate but dormant talents and at the same time excel as team players. Each of the clubs functioning at Loyola School is envisioned to serve a definite purpose and that is why membership is made mandatory.

The overall intention is to foster social consciousness and empathy, environmental awareness, healthy inquisitiveness, a scientific bend of mind, critical and creative thinking, and effective articulation of ideas. Involvement in club activities enables the members to broaden their perspective and sharpen their skills and also gives them a foretaste of the problems and possibilities of their special interests and dream careers.

Club activities are carried out by the students under the guidance of the teachers-in-charge. Each club listed below has a dedicated space to showcase the individual as well as collective work of its members and display the fortnightly report on its activities.

Social Service Club

The main aim of this club is to make the students alive to the reality of sufferings around them and to urge and equip them to reach out to the hapless. This is one of the oldest clubs functioning at Loyola School and all these years it has been in the forefront in extending a helping hand to the needy, whether they be the poor students at the neighbouring schools or the decrepit ones in the old age homes.

Peace Club

The need of the hour is peaceful coexistence. There is a difference between establishing peace by coercion and ensuring peace as a matter of habit. Peace Club is committed to promoting healthy communal life as an attitude of mind rather than the resultant of rigid rules. Students are encouraged to sort out their minor interpersonal problems themselves instead of making a mountain out of a molehill and dragging the authorities into their sundry bickering. The activities of this club help develop a sense of tolerance and responsibility among the students. The way the senior students protect their juniors on and off the campus is a sign of the fruitfulness of this club. The long-term intention of the club is to help the students develop into true ambassadors of peace.

Quiz Club

The quiz club aims at encouraging students to go beyond their textbooks and widen their awareness of what happens in every field all over the world. This club has been helping countless Loyolites to excel at prestigious competitions at all levels, including the high-profile Hindu Young World and ESPN quiz competitions at the national level.


LENS is the acronym for Loyola English News Service. The primary purpose of this club is to help its members hone their skills in reporting, with the emphasis on documenting what happens on the campus every month, but it is not limited to that alone. There is also a section in this in-house publication for creative writing, comic strips and crossword puzzles.

Language Club

This club aims at fostering genuine love of all languages, especially the ones offered for studies at this school. Though it is called Language Club, much of the discussions and presentations in this forum is centred on literature, i.e., the literary writings in English, Hindi and Malayalam. This club plays a great role in promoting the literary creativity of its members.

Oratory Club

The goal of this club is to train its members in the art of effective public speaking and to provide them with a platform for expressing themselves in front of a small audience. The exposure they get and the consequent confidence they develop are sure to stand them in good stead when they face a larger audience.

Eco Club

The Eco Club is intended to underscore the need to live in harmony with nature. Its focus is on keeping the environment pollution-free. Also, the members of this club grow vegetables in grow bags and take care of the medicinal plants on the campus. Watering the plants and arranging them aesthetically form part of the activities of this club. Additionally, this club promotes eco-tourism by taking the predominantly urban students to remote rural settings where people live in communion with nature.

Science Club

Members of this club are divided into different groups on the basis of their interest and aptitude and directed to conduct talks, quizzes, video presentations, live scientific demos, and make working/still models. News bulletins on scientific events are regularly published by these groups. On the whole, this club provides opportunities for self-expression, constructive activities and independent enquiries. As an incentive, the members are given awards based on their participation and performance

IT Club

The members of this club are guided and mentored by the teachers of Computer Science. The members meet regularly to plan and organise various programmes like talks, video presentations etc. related to information technology. These are followed by interactive sessions. The members also prepare charts based on the emerging technologies in both software and hardware fields and display them on the noticeboard of the IT Club.

Music Club

This is one of the best-functioning clubs at the school. It makes sure that each member gets a deeper understanding of music and an unforgettable experience of practising and performing together. Practice sessions are conducted in the most disciplined manner though they are at the same time flexible enough to accommodate all good suggestions from the individual members. This club plays a vital role in making all major functions at this school all the more memorable for the musical ingredient in them, whether it be the prayer song, or the school anthem, or the national anthem, or the top-notch orchestra.